SEO Friendly Websites

What Makes an SEO Friendly Website?

An SEO friendly website can achieve through efficient implementation of user-friendly navigability and quality content.

By the term SEO or search engine optimisation, your primary objective should be to optimise your website with elements that reflect the factors of quality and information. These are attributes that are the main eligibility factors of Google’s algorithms to rank a web page high up on a search list. The only way to achieve that top ranking is through proper SEO techniques and methods that could project your site as an SEO friendly one.

The right SEO techniques gain higher recognition by Google

SEO approaches and technology can vary in implementation from search engine companies. While some may prefer black hat techniques which may gain high user traffic, they may not stand the test of Google’s crafty algorithms such as the hummingbird or the latest Panda. White hat techniques and holistic SEO methods garner well with Google to gain recognition as an informative site worthy of a high ranking.

Elements of an SEO friendly site

  • User-friendly interface
  • Optically and visually appealing
  • Educational and quality content
  • responsive
  • Rich keywords and back links
  • Linked up to corresponding host sites
  • Optimised for social media and sharing
  • Interactive for user activity
  • Easy navigability

When a website contains all of the above elements, it can regard as an SEO friendly website. With easy navigability and an interactive feature, users can easily voice opinions and comments while sharing the informative elements of the website on social media. Once an atmosphere of a user-friendly web page is completed, the site gains more credibility as a rich source of information. What follows is a domino effect of sharing on social media.